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Black and White pictures to Colour

I have met a few Genealogist and Historians during my course of work and many times they come to me and show me pictures of black and white or sepia photographs that they have managed to have had colourized. I can tell you that the people that do these are pretty amazing; I have managed to secure the services of one such person, who will, for a small fee colour black and white or sepia pictures for you. In an effort to show you the brilliance of the picture change, I have had a couple of pictures done.

I also believe that the fees that this person charges are very reasonable indeed, the cost is on an application basis, but to simplify it for you, I have been told that it is between £3.00 to £7.00 depending on the size and complexity of the picture. So why don't you give him a try, by contacting me using the contact form . Please let us know things like the persons hair colour and skin tones to make the picture more authentic.

Below is a couple of examples of his work.

My Father and Me

The first picture that I had done is a picture from and old photobooth in a train station. it was about 1.5 inches square. I had the picture enlarged and colourized.

Me and my Father  Me and my Father

Family Group

This picture is an old family picture that I have had for ages and wondered what it would look like in colour, the shades and hues are perfect and the colours are vibrant. I was especially pleased with the way this one came out.

Family Group  Family Group